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What is a Social Compliance System?

Social Compliance and Remediation Systems are an integrated set of policies and practices through which a company seeks to ensure maximum adherence to the elements of its code of conduct that cover social and labor issues.

An effective Social Compliance System (SCS) strengthens business practices throughout the organization and can assist companies in:

  • Preventing and mitigating the risk of non-compliance with labor laws and standards.
  • Meeting the requirements of the current global market (e.g., buyer certifications and codes of conduct).
  • Gaining a reputation as a reliable supplier in the international market.
  • Improving employee engagement and loyalty.
  • Achieving better product quality and process productivity.

The SCS model used by Sustentar is based on SAI’s Social Fingerprint model and the Comply Chain model of the U.S. Department of Labor for social compliance management systems. Social Fingerprint is an assessment and capacity-building framework to comprehensively identify and address strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement in labor performance elements and management system categories outlined below.