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The resources listed on this page are useful references for employers in Mexico, particularly as they develop and strengthen social compliance systems in adherence with domestic laws and international standards to improve product marketability and export potential.  

Mexican Federal Labor Law 

The Mexican Federal Labor Law establishes the responsibilities of employers and legal rights of workers. 

USMCA (T-MEC): Article 23 

Article 23 identifies internationally recognized workplace regulations required by the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.  

Mexico’s Labor Secretariat Guide for the implementation of the mechanism to restrict the import of goods produced with forced or compulsory labor

This guide provides procedures, mechanisms, and relevant international tools to help companies identify and combat instances of forced labor in their own operations and supply chain.  

United States Department of Labor: 2022 List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor 

This resource from the USDOL provides industry data to help companies assess the level of risk for forced labor and child labor in their industry and location.  

International Labor Organization: Forced Labor Indicators

This resource from the ILO provides indicators that can help employers understand the types of conditions that can constitute forced labor and then identify and combat instances of forced labor in their supply chains.