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Proyecto Sustentar

Project to Build and Strengthen Sustainability Systems in the Tomato and Chile Pepper Sectors in Mexico​​

Our Target Areas

Baja California

Baja California is one of Mexico’s top-producing states for tomatoes and tomatoes are the most exported agricultural commodity in this state.

Baja California Sur

Baja California Sur is one of Mexico’s top-producing states for tomatoes and among the top-producing states for chile peppers.


Chihuahua is one of the top-producing states for chile pepper production in Mexico, accounting for about 16% of total production in Mexico.

Increased Compliance

Increased compliance with labor laws related to child labor, forced labor, and acceptable conditions of work by private sector stakeholders in tomato and chile pepper supply chains

Better Implementation

Increased application of effective and sustainable compliance and remediation systems by private sector stakeholders


Stronger Understanding

Increased understanding of USMCA’s labor standards and corresponding risks in the target industries

Improved Integration

Core labor standards are fully incorporated into agricultural social compliance and remediation systems

Our Approach

Enabling good labor practices through strong management systems—supported by worker voice and engagement with communities and stakeholders.​

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