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Notes from the Field: New partnerships with chile growers initiated in Chihuahua

Following Sustentar’s pilot project in Chihuahua (read about the pilot in our previous newsletter), our team is partnering with companies to provide one-on-one technical guidance on strengthening social compliance and building capacity throughout the supply chain. We are currently working with six chile growers in the regions of Casas Grandes, Camargo, Delicias, and Meoqui. Together, these six growers have a workforce of 600-700 workers, most of whom are seasonal migrant workers. 

Each of these collaborations begins with the Sustentar team visiting the ranch to conduct initial assessments using SAI’s Social Fingerprint tool, a framework to help measure and improve the maturity of an organization’s management systems and performance and benchmark themselves with respect to domestic labor laws and international standards. The project will then help each partner to build internal capacity and customize improvement plans that address their specific needs. These improvement plans will be used to tailor the technical guidance provided by the Sustentar team over the next few months.  

Additionally, Sustentar has met with community leaders and recruiters from Norogachi, Guachochi (Sierra Tarahumara) who are interested in working together to develop technological solutions that connect workers from their communities of origin to growers in Chihuahua.  Sustentar is also working with community leaders and civil society organization (CSO) partners throughout Chihuahua to support companies and their workers in implementing compliance and remediation systems, including forming Community Circles to equip local government, CSO and community leaders with knowledge and skills to support these systems.